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Ceramatec has 78,000 sq. feet of space for laboratories, pilot facilities, ceramic processing equipment, and analytical resources.

Ceramatec offers diverse facilities that can accommodate the testing of new ideas and concepts, as well as, demonstrating pilot scale systems.

Its analytical capabilities offer a wide range of instrumentation covering thermal, chemical, mechanical and electrical analysis, and its machine shop provides a quick way to fabricate and process prototype devices and materials. Ceramatec has a very robust capability to help its customers scale-up the processing of various inorganic materials. In addition, Ceramatec offers engineering services to help our customers solve their unique problems.

Ceramic Materials Processing at Ceramatec: large Tape Casters.

What can we do for you?

Together with our material scientists, chemical and mechanical engineers, and electrochemists, we can help you solve problems and unleash the potential of technologies in the commercial marketplace.

Phone: 801-972-2455