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Commercialization Technologies

Ceramatec has a strong track record on commercializing technologies and is flexible in its approach to assisting its customers to aggressively commercialize technologies.

Currently, we have the following devices and systems that have been proven in the marketplace and ready for purchase.

  • Rugged Ozone Sterilization System (ROSS)
  • Non-Thermal Plasma Reformers
  • Ultra-Pure Oxygen Generation Systems
  • Sodium Methylate Production Systems
  • Ceramic joining technology

Commercialization Projects

Rugged Ozone Sterilization System (ROSS)

Ceramatec has developed a rugged ozone sterilization system for the sterilization of surgical instruments. The system was developed for the US Special Forces for operation in very remote areas of the world for combat casualty care.

Ceramatec is currently incubating a company called SteriO3 to commercialize ROSS. Visit to obtain additional information.

Rugged Ozone Sterilization System (ROSS)

OxySelect Device

Ultra-Pure Oxygen Generation (OxySelect)

Ultra-Pure Oxygen Generation (OxySelect): Using an oxygen select ceramic membranes, Ceramatec has developed and selling units that can produce ultra-pure (99.999%) oxygen from air. This device (OxySelect) uses a fully dense ceramic membrane that only allows oxygen ions to pass through the structure. This technology has many thousands hours of operation and has been successfully deployed in some Forward Operating Bases in Afghanistan to support US Forces. Commercialization is underway.

Plasma Reformer

Ceramatec has developed and commercialized an efficient non-thermal plasma reformer for modular appliations. This reformer is a flexible method for reforming of natural gas and heavier hydrocarbons into synthesis gas (carbon monoxide and hydrogen). Dependent on availability of heat from other plant operations, this method can be used in steam reforming mode, autothermal mode, or partial oxidation.

Plasma Reformer

The oxidant can be steam, air, oxygen, or mixtures of those oxidants. The non-thermal plasma acts much as a solid catalyst by catalyzing the reforming of the hydrocarbons by creating active species that participate in the reforming reaction. Several of these reformers have been sold commercially of varying sizes.

Flexible Business Model to Commercialize Technologies

Ceramatec Team

Ceramatec is flexible in its approach to assisting our customers to aggressively commercialize technologies. Various business approaches include:

  • Licensing the technology developed by Ceramatec to the customer
  • Delivery of products or services via purchase order from the customer to Ceramatec
  • Providing volume manufacturing of ceramic components from Ceramatec and high volume from its affiliated companies to supplement licensed products
  • Creating a new company to take the product to market via joint venture with a customer or a 100% spinout company.

Ceramatec is also willing to enter into Joint Development or Service Agreements to conduct required research activities and Commercialization Agreements to bring products to the marketplace. In each agreement, our goal is to make the agreement a win/win opportunity for all involved parties.


What can we do for you?

Together with our material scientists, chemical and mechanical engineers, and electrochemists, we can help you solve problems and unleash the potential of technologies in the commercial marketplace.

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