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Core Competencies

We perform R&D services within our core competencies in ion conducting ceramics and materials, electrochemistry, energy systems, fuel processing, and advanced materials.

Ceramatec is an advanced ceramics material technologies research and development company that provides solutions to difficult scientific challenges facing companies, governments and research institutions worldwide.


A CoorsTek company, Ceramatec is a key competency center of its global research and development organization, focused primarily on applications in the energy and environment sectors. Ceramatec has pioneered research and development in a variety of technologies based on ceramic solid-state ionics and electrochemical systems such as oxygen sensors, oxygen production, chemical production, and solid oxide fuel cells.

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Our diverse capabilities and technologies, coupled with our deep competencies in advanced ceramics also extend into markets including advanced chemicals production and processing, biomedical devices, defense, industrial gasses, metal melting and advanced refractory ceramics, next generation building materials and transportation systems. Together, Ceramatec and CoorsTek are pushing the frontiers of materials science into the future and leading the advanced ceramics revolution.


Sodium Ion Conducting Membranes
Ceramatec, Inc. proprietary ceramic heat exchanger.
Oxygen Ion Conducting Materials


Ion Conducting Membranes

One of Ceramatec’s core competencies is the ability to design and produce ion conducting ceramic membranes that are fully dense and conductive. We can make these membranes in configurations including both planar or tubular and sizes. Current ion conducting membranes include

  • Sodium
  • Lithium
  • Oxygen



What can we do for you?

Together with our material scientists, chemical and mechanical engineers, and electrochemists, we can help you solve problems and unleash the potential of technologies in the commercial marketplace.

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