Awards & Activities

  • Winner of 2004 Stoel Rives Utah Innovation Award
  • Over $ 2.25 million R & D funding in the form of Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) awards (2002 – present)
  • Possible industrial collaboration with several large US manufacturing companies
  • Patented & Trademarked

Refractory Consumables in
Non Ferrous Metal Melting

Cercanam® Cycling

1800°C Flame Temp

Summary of Cercanam® Properties

  • Ultra-high surface area attainable in a monolithic ceramic part (as high as 100 m2/g)
  • Retains its high surface area after exposure at temperatures as high as 1000°C
  • Chemically stable at temperatures as high as 1500°C in air, H2, CO2, and syngas
  • Excellent thermal cycling and thermal shock resistance (from 800°C to room temp)
  • Offers low cost, one step processing
  • Can achieve near net shapes for complex geometries using wet casting or dry powder pressing, with near zero shrinkage after low-temp firing (200°- 800°C)
  • Excellent for micro-features and micro-channel applications, and high tolerance fabrication
  • Excellent potential for low-temperature (< 150-200°C) curable ceramic coatings and monolithic parts>
  • Moisture resistant and stable in boiling salt water after firing to 800°C
  • For a detailed list of Cercanam® properties, click here.

Cercanam® has a very high strength-to-weight ratio and has got excellent thermal shock properties. This makes it ideal for use in non-ferrous melting where consumables erode and have short lifetime. The high strength of Cercanam® translates into higher erosion and abrasion resistance. And the strength does not degrade at higher temperatures.


The properties of Cercanam® can be tailored by choosing the appropriate firing temperature.

Further, parts can be cast into net shapes and sizes thereby eliminating any need of post-fired machining.

Ceramic Consumables of various Shapes & Sizes

Holes cast into a ceramic tube for gas flow manifolding (no machining required)