Awards & Activities

  • Winner of 2004 Stoel Rives Utah Innovation Award
  • Over $ 2.25 million R & D funding in the form of Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) awards (2002 – present)
  • Possible industrial collaboration with several large US manufacturing companies
  • Patented & Trademarked

Machinable Ceramics

Cercanam® Cycling

ceranam before cycling

1800°C Flame Temp

ceranam after cycling

Summary of Cercanam® Properties

  • Ultra-high surface area attainable in a monolithic ceramic part (as high as 100 m2/g)
  • Retains its high surface area after exposure at temperatures as high as 1000°C
  • Chemically stable at temperatures as high as 1500°C in air, H2, CO2, and syngas
  • Excellent thermal cycling and thermal shock resistance (from 800°C to room temp)
  • Offers low cost, one step processing
  • Can achieve near net shapes for complex geometries using wet casting or dry powder pressing, with near zero shrinkage after low-temp firing (200°- 800°C)
  • Excellent for micro-features and micro-channel applications, and high tolerance fabrication
  • Excellent potential for low-temperature (< 150-200°C) curable ceramic coatings and monolithic parts>
  • Moisture resistant and stable in boiling salt water after firing to 800°C
  • For a detailed list of Cercanam® properties, click here.

Monolithic (solid) Cercanam® is very easy to machine. Compared to other machinable ceramics, Cercanam® can be first fired at a temperature as low as 250C to 800C. This gives it enough strength to be able to machine while it is still relatively soft. Following this machining step, the machined ceramic component can be fired to a higher temperature (say up to 1000C or 1350C) to get the desired strength.

One significant advantage here is that for temperatures below 1000C, the machineable ceramic has near zero-shrinkage. Thus all the tolerances that were machined into the ceramic will stay the same after the higher temperature firing step (while the strength will go up giving a stronger part). This approach can dramatically increase the drill bit and tool life and also speed up the ceramic machining throughput (see the schematic below for a process description).

Lastly, Cercanam® has excellent thermal shock properties.

machinable ceramics