Awards & Activities

  • Winner of 2004 Stoel Rives Utah Innovation Award
  • Over $ 2.25 million R & D funding in the form of Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) awards (2002 – present)
  • Possible industrial collaboration with several large US manufacturing companies
  • Patented & Trademarked

Ceramic Fiber Optics Connectors

Ceramic fiber optics connectors are used in places like engine bays on aircrafts where there is high temperature (hence plastic connectors cannot be used). Typical ceramic fiber optics connectors are single fiber and made using a costly process. They take a lot of place in the cockpit & elsewhere on the aircraft.

By using Cercanam®, we have fabricated the first-of-its-kind, 12-fiber ceramic fiber optics connector (see picture below). Initial prototypes performed as well as the commercially available 12-fiber plastic MT.

While plastic MT connectors are rated up to ~70C, Cercanam® connectors performed well at temperatures as high as 120C.

ceramic fiber optics connectors