Next Generation
Catalyst Supports & Substrates

Cercanam® particles are light weight (less than 2.3 g/cc) and porous allowing for catalyst loading on their surfaces. The material can be made available in particle (powder) form or in monolith form (with internal gas flow channels, if desired). It is stable at high temperatures with excellent thermo-chemical stability in harsh environments like CO, CO2, H2O, H2, etc.

Our proposed Next Gen Design (to be demonstrated) will increase the realized rate of reaction (thiele modulus) by 100 times for catalytic reactions. This new catalyst design involves dramatically increasing in the available surface area (per unit volume) for the reaction and lead to very high contacting efficiency catalyst. The proposal uses ingenious ceramic processing techniques to cut down the amount of catalyst required for reaction and has the potential to further reduce the size of the reactor needed by more than 10 times.

The figure below shows the surface area (m2/g) stability of our powders (y-axis) as a function of temperature (x-axis). When compared to a commercially available gamma-alumina powder (blue line), Ceramatec's HSA-Cercanam® powders (pink line) exhibit a high degree of stability at high temperatures.

catalyst performance graph