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Plasma Oxidizer

The Ceramatec non-thermal plasma system uses a novel patented process called GlidArc®. The oxidizer utilizes a gliding plasma arc to create radicals, ions, and excited states (translational, vibrational and electronic) within the stream to promote breaking of chemical bonds for complete oxidation.

This unique approach processes a wide variety of oxidizable species. Air or oxygen can be used as the oxidant.

The non-thermal plasma unit has several advantages, including:

  • Contaminant tolerance – no catalytic deactivation over time
  • Flexibility – can oxidize gaseous, liquid wastes, and solid waste with proper pre-treatment to make a flowable stream
  • Variable orientation – can be oriented to fit within restricted space
  • Compact size – highly energetic reaction zone
  • Low thermal mass – quick start since there is no catalyst mass to heat
  • Low emission e.g. NOx
  • Low electric power requirements


Gas, liquid, or solid waste combustion