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Fuel Processing

The importance of fuels to world economy cannot be understated. However, the fuels are not always available in usable forms. For example the fuels may contain significant contaminants such as sulfur that make them unsuitable for use in many devices due to their corrosive nature. Processing of such fuels into a contaminant-free form is essential.

In some cases the transportation of fuels from remote sources is economically not viable and distributed fuel processing technology is needed to convert them into a transportable form is critical. Presently much of the natural gas at the oil wells is flared due to the high cost of recovery and transportation.

Ceramatec offers several technology options for fuel processing: a plasma fuel reformer that converts sulfur containing natural gas, biogas or liquid hydrocarbon fuels into synthesis gas; converts hydrogen sulfide into useful fuel (hydrogen) by liberating the sulfur.

The converted synthesis gas can be cleaned to remove contaminants and used in fuel cells or converted to clean synthetic fuel in a Fischer Tropsch reactor.

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