Flyash Treatment for Benefication

Mercury Cycle

Mercury Cycle

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flyash capsulate processing

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Fly Ash Encapsulation

The Problem:

Coal-fired power plants emit mercury (Hg) in an elemental or oxidized form. The mercury enters the atmosphere in the flue gas, and it eventually is deposited into both fresh and saltwater supplies. Mercury bio-accumulates in animals, and is known to cause birth defects in humans. Consequently, State and Federal mercury regulations are starting to be implemented at coal-fired power plants to reduce mercury emissions. Mercury is primarily captured by injection of activated carbon, which is collected in the fly ash.

The Ceramatec Solution:

capsulate processing removed mercury from flyash

Ceramatec’s proprietary Capsulate Processing technology encapsulates the mercury contained in fly ash samples. Mercury leach tests demonstrate a dramatic reduction in the available mercury for leaching after applying the Capsulate treatment process to fly ash.

The Problem:

If it has low carbon content, fly ash from coal-fired power plants can be recycled and used, for example, as a partial replacement for Portland cement in concrete. Fly ash containing high levels of carbon negatively affects the air entrainment properties of concrete, and therefore must be “treated” before it is used as a cement substitute.

The Ceramatec Solution:

Ceramatec’s proprietary Capsulate Processing technology greatly reduces the foam index score of high carbon fly ash, making it possible for the treated material to be used in concrete applications.

The Ceramatec Capsulate Process employs a proprietary chemical treatment process. After efficiently mixing the Capsulate chemistry with the mercury-laden carbon-containing fly ash an encapsulation barrier is formed preferentially around the mercury-laden carbon particles within the ash. This barrier layer prevents the adsorption of intentionally added organics (such as air entraining agents) in the concrete mix design. The encapsulation layer also further prevents the mercury from leaching into water supplies.

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