Applications & Uses
of Capsulate Treatment

Mercury Cycle

Mercury Cycle

Capsulate Processing

Capulate Processing

Low Carbon Fly Ash

Capulate Processing

High Carbon Fly Ash

High Carbon Fly Ash High Carbon Fly Ash


Fly Ash Encapsulation

Capsulate Treatment technology allows otherwise useless High Carbon Fly Ash to find a variety of beneficial uses:

  • As a partial replacement for portland cement in concrete
  • As a green building material
  • As a mineral filler for asphalt, carpet backing, plastics, etc.
  • For use in structural fills or embankments
  • Fly ash remediation for on-site storage
  • Contract research for custom applications

On-Site Storage
Ceramatec’s Capsulate Technology is ideal for remediation of fly ash for on site storage applications. Ceramatec’s Capsulate Treatment technology is designed to encapsulate heavy metals that are contained within fly ash waste materials that are stored in surface impoundments or on-site landfills. The encapsulation of the heavy metals in the fly ash, or other coal waste products, provides an extra barrier layer that can prevent the dissolution of these metals into water supplies.

Beneficial use in Concrete
Ceramatec’s Capsulate Technology is specially designed to mitigate the deleterious effects of activated carbon contained in fly ash when added to concrete as a partial replacement for portland cement. The Capsulate Process effectively blocks the adsorption sites within the activated carbon, such that the carbonaceous material can no longer adsorb air entraining agents (or other added organics) from the concrete mix design. Our technology has been demonstrated to lower the foam index score (FI) for both Class C and F fly ash materials that contain both unburned and activated carbon materials.

Contract Research
Ceramatec is actively working on advanced R&D projects to expand the beneficial re-use activities of fly ash and other coal ash byproducts. Many organizations, including the EPA, ACAA and its members, would welcome the opportunity to expand the current product offerings in which these valuable materials are used. However, many ash marketers or ash producers are not setup to perform fundamental research using coal combustion products to develop new markets or applications. Ceramatec is very interested in working with commercial companies for contract research and development to investigate new ideas and uses for these materials.