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Oxide Coatings

For Refractories, Kiln Furniture, Ladles & Furnace Linings

A refractory setter coated with Cercanam® top coat

oxide coated refractoory setter

Cross-sectional view of a coated refractory setter

oxide coated refractory cross section

Top surface view using an optical microscope (8x magnification)

oxide coating

Cercanam® Coated Ladel

oxide coated ladel

Refractory furniture and setters have certain disadvantages. Most commonly used setters contain Alumina, Silica, and other trace materials. This can lead to chemical contamination from the setter surface on to the sintered parts. Secondly, rough surfaces can lead to drag lines on the sintered parts.

To address these issues, setter surfaces can be coated with a very high-purity (>98%) Alumina-based Cercanam® top coat which leads to a very smooth surface and a high purity top setter surface.

This is a low cost, but very effective solution to satisfy the firing needs of high-value ceramic manufacturers.

Furnace linings can also be coated with Cercanam® to minimize flaking of the lining and thereby increase its lifetime and to reduce the gas permeability through the porous insulation.

In another example, as shown in the picture on the right, a commercially available ladle used in non-ferrous metal melting is coated with a high purity (white) alumina oxide coating material which fills the voids and is expected to increase the lifetime of the ladle. The low porosity (<5 microns) top coat is expected to reduce the molten metal infiltration into the ladle walls. The high alumina content (>98%) is also ideal for non-ferrous metal melting applications like Aluminum melts.

Cercanam® coatings offer a very cost-effective solution to increases the value of an otherwise standard product through better performance or increased lifetime.