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Fire Resistant Coatings for
Wood, Dry Wall and Plastics

CERCANAM® coated wood provides 6 times improvement in fire resistance & fire retardance – in terms of time to combustion – over baseline wood samples. This can be significant because it can lead to higher chance of survival of victims trapped in a building fire and reduce property damage in case of a rapid moving forest fire that sweeps through an area in just 1-5 minutes The fire resistant coating is durable and moisture resistant; and can be drilled through without flaking.

We also have proprietary silica based coatings that have also shown good fire resistance.

Please contact us if this is an area of interest to you.

fire resistant coatings

Wood specimens coated with a white coating of

CERCANAM coating exposed to intense heat from a propane torch (approximately 1800°C) for: (a) approximately 1 second; and (b) ~

Scorch markings from the propane torch flame indicating that the fire did not carry over to the other side of the bar.