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High Temperature EBC
for Silicon-based Ceramics

Coating systems are designed to protect materials of construction from harsh environmental conditions:

  • Oxidation and Hydrothermal corrosion
  • Metal dusting, H2S, Syngas, and reducing environments

We have a flexible approach to applying coatings. Our coatings are geared to reduce the environmental degradation:

(1) Oxidation:

  • Recession and embrittlement of metals and ceramics.

(2) Reduction:

  • Embrittlement of ceramics with low activation energy for vacancy formation.
  • Embrittlement and/or dusting of many metals.

(3) Corrosion:

  • Dissolution of metals.

(4) Chemical degradation:

  • Reactions to form new phases, typically with gases or liquids.

Often choosing a different material or changing the environment is not possible. Hence, coatings perform a critical function:

  • Utilise properties of desired substrates and use a coating that is stable in the required environments.
  • A flexible, coating system to apply coatings of dissimilar materials onto substrates designed for use at high temperatures.
  • Non-vacuum, low-cost processing.
  • Preserves, or enhances, mechanical properties of substrates.

Coatings are suitable for:

  • Oxide and non-oxide ceramic substrates
  • Metallic substrates
  • Oxide and non-oxide ceramic outer coatings