Ceramatec Medical

Companies that have commercialized Ceramatec Medical Technology

Ceramatec's medical development activities are centered in a group called Ceramatec Medical. The medical team at Ceramatec identifies relevant needs, seeks the best solution, finds consultants and contractors to help execute development and production plans, proves the technology, protects the intellectual property, and finds a commercialization path to get the technology in the field.

Recent technologies developed by Ceramatec Medical include:

Field Product Status Technology
Anesthesia and Respiratory Therapy Oxygen Sensors Commercialized through Maxtec Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor
Pain Relief Action Patch Commercialized through Empi Iontophoresis
Wound Care NPD1000 System Commercialized through Kalypto Medical Negative Pressure Therapy
Wound Care Aplion Continuous Topical Care Dressing System Completed an IRB Clinical Trial, commercialization being pursued through Aplion Medical Topical Care Agent Delivery System

The above technologies were developed and tested by the Ceramatec Medical team, cleared by the FDA, and are currently incorporated in spin-off companies. Ceramatec Medical has other technologies in various stages in development.

Active areas of current research include: Biomedical and Orthopedic Implants, Hemostasis, Non-pulmonary Delivery of Oxygen, Vaccine Delivery, Transdermal Drug Delivery, Surgical Instrument Sterilization, and Advanced Wound Dressing Systems.

The Ceramatec Team has obtained over 35 issued patents in the medical arena, primarily in the area of drug delivery and wound healing; and 30 more have been filed.