Catalysis for Sustainable Energy

Current R&D

Ceramatec's novel catalyst supports include:

  • Tailored zeolites synthesized from waste alumino-silicate sources including coal fly ash, bio ash and pumice
  • Synthetic analogs of Faujasite, Sodalite, Analcime, Tobermorite,Cancrinite, Clintobermorite and zeolites of type X,Y,A,P, from waste alumino-silicate sources

Features / Highlights

  • Ceramatec has developed a universal synthesis process to prepare Faujasite zeolite independent of the type of alumino-silicate raw material
  • Superior physical properties including high surface area and higher ion exchange capacity compared to commercial zeolites
  • Cost of zeolite manufacturing significantly lower than current processes
  • Tunable pore size distribution
  • Tunable acidity
  • Improved thermal, hydrothermal and structural stability


  • Catalyst supports and Adsorbents
  • Catalysts for CO2 conversion to fuels and chemicals
  • Adsorbents for CO2 capture
  • Bio-oil upgrading
  • Petroleum Refining
    • Non Rare-Earth alternatives to FCC
    • Heavy crude cracking
    • Reduce use of Re in FCC catalyst

Hybrid Catalysis for Novel Application in Sustainable Energy

Ceramatec is currently involved in synthesis of following composite catalyst systems

  • Zeolite –Carbon Composites
  • Zeolite –Graphene systems
  • Zeolite –Ionic liquid systems