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ITM H2/Syngas Technology

1-Wafer Module with All-Ceramic Joints

Single Syngas Wafer

5-Wafer Sub-Module with All-Ceramic Joints

Five Syngas Wafer

ITM reactors separate oxygen from air and convert methane into high value clean Synthesis Gas in a single unit operation.

Ion Transport Membranes (ITM)

Ion Transport Membranes (ITM) have several benefits. Their revolutionary design leads to a non-porous ceramic membrane semi-conductor with excellent selectivity for oxygen. Further, one can achive very high oxygen transport rate at temperatures >700°C.

Syngas Production

ITM planar membranes are compact and most efficient, and are amenable to low-cost high-volume ceramic production processes.

Porous/Dense laminate structure combined with internal open-channel support structure can withstand high hydrostatic compression.

Syngas Planar Membrane Cross Section

Ceramatec Has Developed Fabrication Technology for Commercial-Size Membranes

Ceramatec has spent over 10 years in developing scalable ceramic processing methods for ITM technology. Ceramatec's proprietary all-ceramic joining process is a critical enabling technology.

Syngas Membrane

All-ceramic joints-seals developed specifically for ITM-Syngas wafers offers essential benefits

Matched broad domain expansion behavior and low joint stress leads to a highly reliable product under operation. It also enables deployment of large arrays of planar wafers in single module, thereby lowering the device footprint and final cost.

ITM Syngas Achieves Substantial Cost Savings Through Process Simplification

Phase 1: Laboratory-scale membrane development

Phase 2: Two-levels of scale-up

  • 24,000 std.cu.ft./day Process Development Unit (PDU)
  • 1,100,000 std.cu.ft./day Subscale Engineering Prototype (SEP)

Phase 3: Early commercial-scale demonstration unit