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Solid Oxide Co-Electrolysis Cells

Assembly of Co-electrolysis Module

assembly of co-electrolysis-module

A complete, integrated Co-electrolysis Module

integrated co-electrolysis module

Process Flow: Conversion of CO2 to liquid hydrocarbons like oil

conversion of co2 to liquid hydrocarbons

Electrolysis of steam and carbon dioxide (co-electrolysis) produces synthesis gas, commonly referred to as syngas which is a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

co2 benefication

High temperature solid oxide fuel cells can be operated in a reverse mode to electrolyze steam and carbon dioxide to generate syngas. Ceramatec is using its solid oxide fuel cell experience to build and test co-electrolysis stacks. A 4-kW co-electrolyzer stack module was operated for more than 1,000 hours to produce syngas.

Syngas can be converted into methane, or other value added hydrocarbons, including liquid fuels such as diesel and JP-8.


  • Fuel production
  • CO2 recycling
  • Chemicals synthesis