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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Beneficiation

Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is a major cause of global warming. The historic (relatively safe) concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has been 350 ppm. As of March 2009, carbon dioxide concentrations in the earth's atmosphere was around 387 ppm with concerns that at this growth rate it will soon exceed 400 ppm - which scientists have deemed undesriable for the earth ecosystem.

Various technologies are being explored to tackle this immense problem. One is CO2 sequestration, which is still in its infancy, very costly, and has lots of challenges.

Ceramatec has a more practical and benign approach where we convert carbon dioxide emissions into useful chemicals or fuels which can then be used to meet our energy needs.

In effect, we propose to recylce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Click on the links to find out more.