Ceramic Materials
Technology Development

Ceramatec, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in developing new technologies.

Ceramatec has pioneered research and development in a variety of technologies based on ceramic solid state ionics & electrochemical systems such as oxygen sensors, oxygen generation and solid oxide fuel cells, with ongoing multi-million dollar collaborations with government and corporate organizations in these areas.

In parallel, Ceramatec is interested in leveraging its existing technology base and expertise in ceramic materials to find new applications.

Ceramatec has an established track record of developing innovative products seeded by federal grants or corporate research and development funds and speedily moving these products towards commercialization.

In the past, Ceramatec has successfully spun-off nine different business entities.

Over its history, Ceramatec has built upon its expertise in concept development, systems engineering, prototyping, pilot line processing and manufacturing of a broad range of advanced materials and devices in order to meet the needs of customers.

From bench top synthesis of new materials to pilot scale production of new devices, Ceramatec can provide statistically proven processes and products.

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